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Poptacular: A Funko Collection

Poptacular: A Funko POP Collection

Funko POPs are every available everywhere these days. It kind of reminds me of the Beanie Baby crazy of the 90s, but small pop culture figurines seem more practical and easier to display. It’s the grown up, geeky version of Beanie babies and I totally buy into the craze.

This isn’t a complete list–I have a few other Funkos that I’m waiting to share in Funko Friday posts. But for now, here is my “public” collection of Funkos and their origin stories!

Sailor Jupiter

My Sailor Jupiter Funko was a gift from Kayla over at Epicfied. We met up for the first time in Philadelphia around Christmas in 2016 and exchanged Funkos. Not only was it a fun day with Kayla, but I brought home my favorite Sailor Scout that day.

Read more about Sailor Jupiter here.

Golden Midas Batman

In late 2016, I was walking around Target with my best friend, Maddie. We were wandering the aisles–as one does in Target–and I saw the Golden Midas Batman thrown on a shelf full of Christmas Candy. Confused by his placement but mesmerized by his golden suit, I decided it was a sign to bring him home with me.

Read more about Golden Midas Batman here.

Warcraft Movie Mystery Mini POPs

It seems like I always find my random Funko buys at Target. I was walking around the gaming section looking for something interesting to play when I saw a bunch of small boxes near the Funkos. I was ecstatic to see Warcraft Movie POPs and bought two immediately. I went back and bought two more later that week.

The thrill of opening Mystery Mini POPs is real, nerds.

Read more about the Warcraft Movie Mystery Minis here.

Funko Friday: Warcraft Mystery Minis | Cats & Coffee

Illidan Stormrage

Illidan Stormrage was my first Funko. Amazon suggested him to me (because Amazon knows everything) and I figured it was a cute present to myself for less than $10. It’s been all downhill from there.

But really, I purchased him in the weeks leading up to the release of the latest WoW expansion pack. It seemed fitting, considering Illidan is a major player in Azeroth again.

Read more about Illidan Stormrage here.

Funko Fridays: Warcraft Villains Part 1


After I purchased Illidan, Amazon kept suggesting more Blizzard-related Funkos to me. When Deathwing popped up on my Amazon homepage one day, I knew I had to have him. What I didn’t know is that he’s actually an extra large POP, and he’s almost twice the size of regular Funkos.

Read more about Deathwing here.

Funko Fridays: Warcraft Villains Part 1

Commander Riker

I’ve had my eyes on the Star Trek TNG Funko collection for a while, but Commander Riker was the first to arrive on my doorstep. When the boyfriend and I adopted our new kitten in early 2017, I was awarded naming privileges and chose Riker. It seemed fitting to get his namesake’s Funko, too.

Read more about Commander Riker here.

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