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I’m Moving!

I know it’s been a minute (ok, it’s been a month) since I last posted on Cats & Coffee.

I’m sorry!

And of course, I’m breaking that cycle with some big news.

I’m moving!

Boyfriend and I knew it was time for change, and we’ve decided to charge full speed ahead into the future.

I relocated from Florida to DC in summer 2015, and Boyfriend followed me up in early 2016. We’ve lived in a high rise, we’ve lived in a townhouse, and we’ve discovered tons of great wineries, restaurants, and museums. While we’ve had a lot of fun in the DC area, it’s time for us to switch back to the slow-paced lifestyle that you can only find in the South.

We’re headed to Raleigh, North Carolina, later this month. That’s just part of why I’ve been gone for the last month.

More Major Life Changes

Not only did we have the opportunity to move to Raleigh, but this move is presenting me with the opportunity to become a full-time freelance editor.

You might know about my little side hustle and writing blog, Between the Lines EditorialWell, it’s going to be my full-time job in the coming weeks, and I’m so stoked. Nervous, but stoked.

Know anyone who needs an editor? Send ‘em my way!

What does that mean for Cats & Coffee?

Literally, this means nothing for Cats & Coffee. In fact, I’m hoping that these major life changes will give me some more time to write on Cats & Coffee!

I have so many great posts ready to go for the blog, and more ideas that I’ll get around to writing as soon as we have internet in our new apartment.

In the meantime, you can keep up with me on Twitter and Instagram. I’m also on Pinterest and Twitch. And, if you need some extra geekery on your Facebook feed, head over to the Cats & Coffee Facebook page for more posts!


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