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A Geek Girl’s Guide to Travel

Geek Girl's Guide to Travel | Cats & Coffee

I’ve been traveling a lot these past few months (well, a lot for me). I’ve been to Raleigh, New Orleans, and Philadelphia in three months. I’ve drove and I’ve flown. I’ve done it all!

Maybe I haven’t done it all — I haven’t gone overseas in a few years.

But! I’ve narrowed down my travel routine and now I pack with confidence that I’ll have what I need, that I won’t get bored, and that I’ll look cute on the go.

Cute Weekender Bag or Suitcase

When I travel, it’s for short trips over long weekends or a full work week at most. I can usually get by with just a weekender bag to pack all of my clothes.

I make this bag count. Choose something that’s expandable, whether it’s a weekender bag or a suitcase. My weekender is black nylon with small white polka dots, and it can fit a lot. However, if I don’t need a lot, it’s also easy to squish down for overhead bins on planes or in the trunk of my Beetle.

Geek Girl's Guide to Travel | Cats & Coffee

Cute, Sturdy Backpack

Yes, more packing! If you have a cute suitcase or weekender, you need a cute backpack too.

I love bringing my backpack as my “second carry-on” on planes. It holds way more than a purse, and mine has a padded pocket for any electronics I bring.

Geek Girl's Guide to Travel | Cats & Coffee


What’s a geek girl to do when she can’t bring her gaming PC or Xbox with her on a trip?

I like to bring my tablet with me! It’s far less cumbersome than a laptop (though I do frequently travel with my laptop). And, there’s a ton you can do on a tablet: play mobile games, read blogs, read ebooks, listen to music, browse Pinterest, and watch Youtube or Netflix.

Don’t forget to bring headphones!

Geek Girl's Guide to Travel | Cats & Coffee


I know I just said you can read ebooks on a tablet, but some people like physical books, myself included. I have what amounts to a small library at home, and while I do have ebooks, I don’t have all of my favorite books in a digital format.

To keep travel lighter and easier, I set my physical book limit to one.

Yup. One physical book.

I’m a finicky reader, and I bounce between books easily. If I didn’t set a rule for myself, I might fill up an entire suitcase. Nobody needs extra weight or extra baggage fees when they’re traveling.

Geek Girl's Guide to Travel | Cats & Coffee

And Most Importantly…

Don’t forget to enjoy your trip. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the travel plans, your packing, or even the things you need to do when you get back in town.

Let that shit go and enjoy your travels!

What do you *have* to take with you when you go on a trip?

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  • B.

    I recently bought a new carry on since the one’s that with luggage sets are kinda basic and pretty useless. I love it! It has a pocket for a laptop/tablet, and fits tons of clothes! Love the list!

    • That’s awesome! I definitely wish my carry on had a pocket for my laptop, but at least my backpack does 🙂 Happy travels!