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Book Review: Bound by Blood

Bound by Blood by Leah Chiasson | Cats & Coffee

Bound by Blood is a novella by my friend and fellow nerd Leah Chiasson. It’s a quick, fun read, and I finish it in about three days. I could’ve finished it in one sitting, but #reallife happened.

Bound by Blood

The main character, Evangeline O’Dair, is an ex-Valkyrie and faux psychic living in small-town Maine with her Faoladh fiance, Jason (from Leah’s Marked for the Hunt novel).

Evangeline, or Evan, works as the psychic for the local police department, and is called to a grisly murder scene just weeks before her wedding. The murder scene has her name written all over it–literally–and she has to work against the clock to unravel a plot dreamt up by a powerful necromancer.

What I Liked About This Book

I really enjoyed the characterization of Evangeline in this novella. Leah provides subtle hints and clues about the character and her past, rather than info-dumping everything about the protagonist at the beginning.

We learn her favorite colors and styles, the other times she’s passed out from using her dark magic, and bits and pieces of her past work as a Valkyrie in bits and pieces. It’s great to see this type of information woven gently into the story when it’s relevant. That’s no easy task.

Also, I love the fact that Evangeline and Jason have a solid relationship. That on-again-off-again thing can be fun, as can love triangles, but it’s nice to see a couple who works well together, communicates well, and is stable. Maybe that seems silly, but I love that the conflict in this book is coming from something other than a relationship. It lets the plot shine.

My Rating

I give Bound By Blood a 4/5 star rating.

If you like Paranormal and Urban Fantasy, this novella is for you! You can buy a copy of Bound by Blood on Amazon or read it on Kindle Unlimited.

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