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Book Review: Order of the Lily

Order of the Lily by Cait Ashwood | Cats & Coffee

*Disclaimer: Ms. Ashwood will be releasing the 2nd edition of Order of the Lily later this year, and I edited that edition for her. I’m not getting any money or commissions for posting this review, I just love her series and think Cats & Coffee readers will enjoy it, too!

Back at it with another book review! This might become a regular thing on Cats & Coffee.

Order of the Lily by Cait Ashwood is the sequel to The Seekers, which I reviewed earlier this year.

Order of the Lily

Set directly after the events of The Seekers, this sequel explores what Audrey, Hound, Ace, Deuce, and Zeche must do to take down the mysterious and powerful Zaddicus.

Zaddicus is quite the baddie. I won’t spoil major plot points, but the whole crew finally discovers his secret lair and his–literally–underground movement.

Over the course of Order of the Lily, Audrey must rebuild the Order of the Leaf from the ground up, and she faces extraordinary challenges along the way. Motherhood, a love triangle, and the evil Zaddicus all fight for her attention, and she is forced to embrace her new reality as not only a public figure, but as a leader.

What I Liked About This Book

Just like the first book, I loved Order of the Lily. Here’s why:

Cait Ashwood uses clear-but-descriptive language and characterizes the major players in her books so well. It’s easy to feel the emotions and thoughts of any of the characters, and who doesn’t enjoy that? It’s easy to immerse yourself in the post-Apocalyptic Earth Ms. Ashwood has created.

My Rating

Like The Seekers, I’m giving Order of the Lily a 4.5/5 star review.

Interested in getting your own copy of Order of the Lily? You can buy it on Amazon or read it on Kindle Unlimited.

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