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Styling a Kickass Geek Chic Bookcase

Styling a Geek Chic Bookshelf | Cats & Coffee

Hey geeks!

It’s been a hot second since I posted on Cats & Coffee.

I’ve been super busy working on my new business and setting up house here in North Carolina. It’s been a whirlwind of a month since we moved, but we’re happily settling into our new apartment.

One of the best parts of moving is nesting and decorating, and I’ve been working on creating a “geek chic” style for our new place. I love anything geeky, and incorporating it into our decor is so much fun. It’s been a struggle finding ways to incorporate everything from books to Funkos to art into the new apartment, but I’m happy with the way things are coming along.

My favorite part of the new apartment is my mini library in the living room. I say it’s a mini library because I have other bookshelves scattered around the apartment, but this is definitely the cutest part so far.

Incorporating Color

As you might be able to tell based on the pictures, I’ve coordinated my books by color – very subtly! I love ombre bookshelves, but because I wanted to style these shelves rather than fill them with only books, I decided to do a very subtle ombre.

I’ve done the same with my other bookshelves around the house. There’s something visually pleasing about organizing books by color.

Geeky Decor

Bookcases are good for more than just books.

Besides books, I had to include some of my Funkos in this bookshelf styling. I’ve got Chekov, Commander Riker, Wolverine, Zoom, Deathwing, and Bastion hanging out on these shelves.

I also decided to hang some geeky art over the shorter bookcase. This includes a Princess Leia print from Sophie & Lili as well as my DIY Animal Crossing art.

Overlapping Rugs and a Blanket Basket

I could’ve left the area as it was, but with concrete floors and a very long living room wall, the area didn’t look complete with just the shelves and wall art.

I topped off my geek chic bookshelves with two small, overlapping rugs. Rugs are hella expensive, but I got these two rugs from Target and IKEA. I didn’t have to spend more than $30, and overlapping the two added more texture and color to this area of the living room. They’ve even got the approval of my interior designer BFF!

The final touch for this area was a blanket basket. We love our throw blankets in this house, and a wire basket is an easy way to keep them organized.

All in all, I’m really happy with the way this little living room library turned out. The only thing I would change? Better natural lighting in this apartment!

>Styling a Geek Chic Bookshelf | Cats & Coffee

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